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Looking for excuses

I like looking for excuses. They are so easy to find and yet so hard to avoid. Simple or complex they are all similar as they support my wish for success and fear of failure. If my email, phone call, … Continue reading

01. April 2015 by Stuart Mains
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Dual Security Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware

A few years ago you would install your Anti-Virus software and notice that your computer would perform at reduced speed (or to a snails pace if it was Norton). However, most systems built in the last couple of years can … Continue reading

22. July 2014 by Stuart Mains
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Hyperion @ Govanhill Baths

Just thought I would put up a quick post about my acting talents being put to use in a new show called Hyperion at the Govanhill Baths from the 24th to 28th of June 2014. For more details, check out … Continue reading

22. June 2014 by Stuart Mains
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New layout

I have been hunting for a clear business blog layout. Most of the fun of WordPress themes are the fact that the good ones expensive and the few decent free templates are never ready to go out of the box. … Continue reading

01. May 2014 by Stuart Mains
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