About Me

digitalmanoftheworld_3IT Guy through and through, I grew up during the golden age of computing and have worked in nearly every computer related field. Not content with working for someone else, I launched his own business in 2005 and has been hard at it ever since.

My first computer was that old favorite the Sinclair ZX81 with its “bomber” game and 16K RAM pack. From then on I was never out of computers or computing as I have always seen it as the way forward.

Inspired by my dad’s interest in computers, I had a wide variety of systems while growing up. The Spectrum was the ever popular with 48K & 128K systems being used heavily. The Tatung Einstein followed before moving onto the Atari 520 STE (upgraded to 1024) then onto PCs with a 386 rented from Granada.

At the University of Stirling, I undertook a degree in Computing Science that was both encouraging and informing. However, the timing of my graduation could not have been worse if it had been planned. 2002 was the year where jobs in IT were few and far between due a number of factors. Mainly the collapse of both the .com bubble and telecoms bubble combined with the y2k workforce discharge. Graduates with a passion such as myself were lost in a sea of graduates with a couple of years experience.

After close to 200 rejection letters it seemed that the graduate market was beyond my reach as even with my experience built up over the Summer months I could not compete against the previous years graduates with a full year of commercial experience under their belt.

Fortunately, the car leasing company I got a part time job with over my 3rd year Summer holidays was happy to bring me on Full-time in an effort to push forward their expansion plans.

More to follow…