Looking for excuses


I like looking for excuses.

They are so easy to find and yet so hard to avoid.

Simple or complex they are all similar as they support my wish for success and fear of failure. If my email, phone call, skype chat is less than 100% then success is not assured and failure will come knocking. Better I find some facet that is not quite perfect or some semi-plausible reason to avoid doing something risky. True, I can work on that excuse and that does give some sense of progress but in reality all I did was put up a barrier then I took it down to replace it with another one.

Popular excuses are:

  • Wrong time of day, need to wait until a suitable time
  • My message is not perfect, what am I trying to say?
  • Someone else phoned in, I need to deal with that first (Clean Plate Syndrome)
  • I lacking knowledge, better read some more marketing/sales/business books

Pretty much anything that allows me to switch focus from the crunch moments in business to the comfort of the assured and familar.

Todays excuse is:

“It’s April the 1st, so no-one will take me seriously”

Better write a blog post…



01. April 2015 by Stuart Mains
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