Not a fan of Mondays

Yes, I am happy to announce it. I am not a fan of Mondays but possibly for different reasons than most.

If you asked most people why they hated Mondays, the general response would be that “They have to go back to work.” (typically from a wonderful weekend of sleeping in and not working. From my own perspective, I do not actually “Work” in the normal sense being a small business owner. Hence, I cannot leave my “Work” at the office on a Friday at 5pm and go home as I am always working and the responsibilities of the business do not fall to someone else.

I don’t like Monday for the fact that it is recovery day, a day where people are not operating at full working capacity and typically catching up on work. A day that I have found from past experience where no-one wishes to talk about new projects or pushing any current project forward. It is a “Leave me alone, I am not happy that I am working yet I am at work day” that is used in general as a break-in day for the rest of the week.

Tuesday is when the week actually starts, with Monday just being a holding day to catch up on an already up-to-date workload as like I said before I never stop “Working”.

02. June 2014 by Stuart Mains
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