Is market saturation a thing of the past?

I was watching TV recently and saw yet another advert for a dating website.

Now, surely the market is saturated with dating websites with everything from to and everything in between. But then I thought, “is there such a thing as market saturation now?” as the marketplace has evolved from the highstreet.

With explosion of the internet has come the explosion of choice. The result is that people are more focused on finding a service that is tailored for them rather than the masses. For example, I just did a search for red head dating and found a number of websites offering that service. Instead of joining a generic dating website and searching for red heads, I can join a red head dating website.

So the question remains and the answer is looking more like “yes” than “no”. In a world where you can spend seconds and find multiple choices even multiple refined choices there is no saturation. As long as the services offered have some level of difference or unique selling points then there can be no saturation.

However, it is also possible to become too unique and find yourself with such a small demographic that it might not be profitable. Red head dating is a good choice but Tall-Red Head-Engineer dating might not be successful.

05. April 2012 by Stuart Mains
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