Did I live where? What age is Who? – New Security Questions

I was recently taking up a zero percent balance transfer offer from my credit card provider and they used a security system I had never come across.

The approach was to verify that I was who I said I am and it was based upon knowledge that the credit card company had on me and my credit card profile.

The questions were:

  • What address have you been associated with?
  • What is the age range of XXXXX?
  • What county have you been associated with?

The questions were multiple choice and were pretty easy to answer (being the person they wished to verify). Though for a simple security procedure it would cause some headaches for potential identity thieves. Knowing where you live (after racking through the internet or your bin) and knowing what credit card you use (bin again) is not enough. You need to have a complete knowledge of the credit profile.

True, you can credit check someone with the details from the bin or internet but you are unlikley to know the age of various family members. Assuming that no id thief is going to try to friend you on facebook or hack your account.

The process was quite painless and although I though I would be put on the spot with the questions, once they informed me that it was multiple choice it became a breeze. They even used the term “final answer” which just conjured up flashbacks of Chris Tarrant on “Who wants to be a Millionaire”.

It is refreshing to come across a security procedure that is both effective and painless and I congratulate the credit card company on their efforts.

I cannot reveal what credit card company, for obvious reasons.

10. February 2012 by Stuart Mains
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